Product Features & Indications

A-View® overcomes the limitation of the so called ‘blind spot’ of TEE. After introducing the empty catheter through the Endotracheal tube into the distal trachea and filling of the balloon with saline, echo conduction through the trachea is enabled and the ascending aorta, aortic arch and its branching vessels can be imaged.

A-View can be used pre- and intra-operatively. The additional information obtained by A-View® supports physicians to ensure the best patient outcomes

Modified TEE with A-View® provides real-time information, and has the ability to:

  • Detect Atherosclerosis including (non-calcified) soft plaques; The additional information on the presence and location of atherosclerotic plaque can help the physician determine the safest surgical approach.
  • Diagnose Aortic diseases; Timely diagnosis is essential to prevent morbidity and mortality. A-View TEE provides real-time information on lumen flow and aortic regurgitation
  • Monitor Vascular and Cannula flow; ECC cannula position and flow can be monitored as well cerebral flow.