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A-View receives Australian TGA approval

14 November 2017 |
A-View® obtained approval from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The approval was realized in collaboration with Advanced Biomedical Pty Ltd, the exclusive distribution partner for A-View® in Australia.  Market launched will be during the ATCSA in Melbourn on November 16-19, 2017.

30% mortality reduction in cardiac surgery confirmed by new study, supported by recently published protocol

18 September 2017 |
A study in more than 8600 cardiac surgery patients demonstrated that perioperative echo screening for aortic atherosclerosis with A-View® modified TEE significantly reduced 30-day mortality. Aortic atherosclerosis is a major risk factor for mortality after cardiac surgery. Real-time knowledge on the location and extend of aortic atherosclerosis enables the surgeon to adjust surgical manipulation of the affected area, thus reducing  cause for embolism a known cause for post-surgery stroke.

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Stroke2prevent received FDA 510(k) approval for A-View

29 May 2017 |
Stroke2prevent BV, an innovative Dutch medical device company, announced that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for A-View®, a unique medical device, used in cardiac interventions. A-View® balloon catheter visualizes the aortic arch with Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE).

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Roundtable Discussion at EACTA

09 April 2017 |
A-View® Roundtable discussion was organized during the EACTA Annual meeting in Berlin. With a group of international experts the value of A-View technique in detecting atherosclerosis, diagnosing aortic diseases and monitoring flow were presented. Modified TEE provides additional information to the team supporting surgical adjustment decisions, and essential step to improve patients outcome.
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Dutch Health Care Innovation Award 2017

9 March 2017 |
A-View® of  Stroke2prevent obtained a great no. 2 position in the Dutch Health Care Innovation Award 2017. Such endorsement, from 140 contenders and 10 nominees in the final is a wonderful motivation to continue our mission to better outcomes in cardiac surgery.

Nomination Health Care Innovation Award 2017

2 March 2017 |
A-View of Stroke2prevent is selected for the Dutch Health Care Innovation Award 2017. Out of more than 100 applications, A-View was nominated. To begin with a great achievement. Final selection takes place on 9 March 2017 during the Health Valley Event.

Thesis Dr Wouter Jansen Klomp

02 December 2016 |
On December 2nd, Dr W. Jansen Klomp received his doctoral degree after successfully defending his thesis ‘Diagnostic Challenges in Aortic Disease’. His work describes how accurate detection of aortic atherosclerosis can lead to effective changes in surgical management and subsequent reduction in post-operative complications.
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New publication released

15 August 2016 |
In the journal ‘Cardiovascular Ultrasound’ an article was published describing the role of modified TEE with A-View in the diagnosis of thoracic aorta dissections. The authors concluded that during surgery for aortic dissection modified TEE can guide the surgical management and monitor perfusion of cerebral arteries.
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Follow-on investment round completed

01 July 2016 |
Stroke2prevent completed financing round, supporting international marketing of A-View device in cardiac interventions.
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Results of cohort study presented at SCA meeting

01 April 2016 | 
During the annual meeting of the Society Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists, Dr Jansen Klomp presented the results of a cohort study with 11, 722 patients. In this study outcomes in patients with peri-operative modified TEE screening (intervention group) were compared to those without the use of modified TEE screening (control group), the results have shown a significant decrease in 30-day mortality in the intervention group, screened with modified TEE with A-View®.
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A-View in Live Case Surgery in Leipzig

5 December 2015 |
A-View was successful presented in a live case surgery at the 9th International congress ‘Latest Techniques in Cardiac Surgery. A-View TEE allowed visualization of the entire aorta. Results of this his additional assessment were discussed with the surgeon to decide on the best surgical strategy.
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Clinical Development Manager appointed

15 November 2014 |
Stroke2prevent has appointed Jolanda van Duinen as Manager Clinical Development. In this newly created position Ms van Duinen will manage a variety of activities to further develop the clinical adaptation of A-View.
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