TEE vascular report

Safety check

For hospitals applying the A-View enhanced TEE screening of the Aortic Arch, we have developed a report form. This online tool is easy to use. One page, several criteria and an image will give visual support to your risk assessment and decision making.We will be happy to inform you on this additional service and how to get started.

Case report example
Patient N.N. was scheduled today for Aortic valve replacement by mini-AVR. A-View enhanced TEE was performed and findings entered in the web based vascular TEE reporting tool (as illustrated to the right). Based on this profile the following had to be concluded: heart-long procedure would imply high risk at CVA. Cardio anesthesia team and consulted surgeons decided not to commence the procedure; Proposal was made to perform a TAVI treatment at a later date by transapical technique. Family and patient accepted this proposal and were grateful for the thorough approach and decision making.