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30% mortality reduction in cardiac surgery confirmed by new study, supported by recently published protocol

A study in more than 8600 cardiac surgery patients demonstrated that perioperative echo screening for aortic atherosclerosis with A-View® modified TEE significantly reduced 30-day mortality. Real-time knowledge on the location and extend of aortic atherosclerosis enables the surgeon to adjust surgical manipulation of the affected area, thus reducing cause for embolism a known cause for post-surgery stroke.

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Stroke2prevent & A-View

Stroke2prevent B.V. develops, manufactures and distributes medical devices. Our product A-View® is used to resolve the so called ‘blind-spot’ caused by interposition of the trachea in Transoesophageal Echocardiography (TEE). A-View®  provides images of the images of the entire thoracic aortic arch allowing detection of atherosclerosis, diagnosing aortic diseases and to permits monitoring of vascular flow. The additional information obtained by A-View® supports physicians to ensure the best patient outcomes.